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    Commentaries By Peter Schiff

    In recent years a good part of the monetary debate has become a simple war of words, with much of the...

    Global Market Wrap-Up

    Mark Hanna
    5 Themes for the Week 1) The Long Awaited Correction? - U.S. markets have been in a significant advance since late 2012. The first...

    Upcoming News & Events

    Coming Soon

    Euro Pacific Brokers’ Corner

    John Browne
    For decades many of us in the hard money world have speculated that cloak and dagger activity by...
    John Browne
    For those investors who have grown used to the relatively minor geo-political crises of the past...

    Other Voices

    J. Mike Oliver
    When and where were you…when you were jolted to reality by the clarity of the thoughts of Austrian-school economists and...
    Alex J. Pollock
    What would it mean for the world’s principal central bank to have negative net worth? As odd as it may As odd as it may seem to...

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